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Sickness Benefit

Under the Act, it represents periodical payment of Cash Benefit made to the Insured Persons in respect of sickness certified by I.M.O.s/I.M.P.s. The rate of Sickness Benefit corresponds to Standard Benefit Rate and the rate at which, such benefit is payable, roughly works out to 66% of the average daily wages at the maximum, which can be availed of by an employee for a maximum period of 91 days in two consecutive benefit periods (one benefit period comprises 6 months normally). In order to be eligible for this benefit, an I.P. has to work for at least 78 days in the corresponding contribution period (one contribution periods consists of 6 months normally).

Extended Sickness Benefit : This benefit is provided to an I.P. for any of the 34 listed specific long-term diseases, like TB, Cancer and other malignant diseases requiring prolonged treatment. The rate of Extended Sickness Benefit is 40% more than the Standard Benefit Rate, which works out to about 80% of the average wages at the maximum, which is initially payable for a period of 124 days, in addition to 91 days' of Sickness Benefit, which may be extended to 309 days. In fit cases, Extended Sickness Benefit for an additional period of 330 days is also admissible, on recommendation of the Special Medical Board. A few uncommon diseases, over and above 34 diseases listed, can also qualify for the same benefit under discretion of the competent Medical Authority of E.S.I. Corporation, New Delhi.